TOP 10 Articles on Digital Marketing: July 2017

people7  Should You Automate Your Instagram Marketing? 

Entering interactions with fans and providing them with fresh and valuable content is beneficial for a company, however, doing too much might result in annoying them with unnecessary details and out-of-context news. It was some time ago when Instagram was flooded with bots that liked photos randomly and left generic comments to drag users’ attention and engage them. Was it worth the risk?


Defeating Cyber Attacks on Your Business Will Require Humans and Automation 

There are two approaches towards hunting cyber criminals. One includes skillful humans armed with sophisticated tools and data. The other focuses on relying on automation, analytics. According to one of the newest cyber security reports, the most mature companies are more than three times more likely to consider the use of automation tools. These include user behavior analysis, endpoint detection and response as well as sandboxing. Read the whole article and learn what other actions are effective against cyber attacks.


Ten Things Marketing Should Review with Sales When using Marketing Automation 

Some companies mistake marketing automation software for a tool dedicated exclusively to marketers. Little do they know that mar-tech platforms can also serve salespeople’s purposes. Among the most obvious gains there are better, more qualified leads, key alerts, reports that identify new leads, and more. This truly helpful article contains a list of ten things marketing together with sales should review when using marketing automation.


8 Ways Email Marketing Automation Can Fail 

I have emphasized this issue repeatedly, and I’ll do it once again – automated email marketing works only if automated properly. The article by highlights the most common mistakes made during the automation process. Even if you have already read a list of this kind, please do it again and learn the rules by heart! Better email automation = less spam = better social perception of email marketing!

(Plus, there are gifs in the post, so you know… gifs!)


The Future Of Customer Engagement Is Mobile Ecommerce: What Your Brand Can Do To Prepare

It all started in Seattle back in 1994 when Amazon was founded. First came the ecommerce, and it was followed by the mobile revolution.  With 79% of all online retail sales projected to be performed via smartphones by 2021, brands need to deliver more mobile-friendly experiences as well as find consistent communication channels to remain relevant.


4 Marketing Technology Trends that will Transform Higher Education Marketing

Marketing concerns not only retail, events or gastronomy. With a huge market competition, service promotion has become a vital problem of multiple institutions, including universities. The trends that has already affected digital marketing will soon revolutionize higher education marketing. How to advertise a uni in an ad-free social media newsfeed?


3 Essential Landing Page Elements that Convert

Let’s get more technical, shall we? I always stumble upon some useful tips on digital marketing. The author explains what you should focus on while designing a landing page. Of course, only if you want it to convert like there’s no tomorrow!


17 Things to Say No to in Marketing in 2017

Digital marketing practices can be good, bad or ugly. May the 2017 be the year when you say goodbye to bad and ugly ones! Check the list of marketer’s bad habits.


Q2 2017 Digital Marketing Snapshot – Infographics

All you need to know about digital ads, mobile and social media channels served in an easily-digestible form.


A Guide to the 10 Next Hot Jobs in Digital Marketing, and for Several Years to Come

A digital landscape creates new job opportunities. The early adopters of marketing automation, social media, and browser campaigns will be the first in a row to benefit from the market shift. Click on the link and learn what to focus on while planning your further career.


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